Safety rules for a (good) stay


Hygiene of the rooms and common areas

  • All our common areas (e.g. restaurant, coworking, garden, gym, communal kitchens, laundry), connective tissue and elevators have been sanitized before the opening of this facility in accordance with the anti-covid directives in force.
  • They will be sanitized again whenever necessary. All common areas are sanitized daily.
  • If you wish, you can sanitize again and at any time everything you use, including chairs and tables, with the spray solutions and paper that you will find free of charge in each area.
  • In addition, UV Light dysinfectant lamps are available on request. Please contact our Recepiton.
  • Our Bistrot (Bar and Restaurant) takes all safety measures in the preparation and service of your food and drinks.
  • Your room is sanitized daily.


Entrance and common areas

  • Every time you enter the structure, remember to go from our Totem to the entrance. The Totem will instantly measure your body temperature and the presence of the mask on your face.
  • You must wear the mask and respect social distancing in all indoor common areas.
  • You must wear the mask also in all outdoor common areas if you are in close contact with another person (less than one meter)
  • Remember to sanitize your hands during the day, especially during your stay in common areas. You can do this with the devices (gel) present in each room.

Lifts and gym

  • Use the elevator alone or with your roommate.
  • For the duration of the COVID 19 emergency, the gym can only be used upon reservation by notifying the reception desk.
  • The gym can only be used by one person at a time or by a couple if they stay in the same room.


We have taken some extra measures to ensure the safety of our guests and may have to take others in the coming months in accordance with the law and anti-covid regulations.

We have limited the use of paper as much as possible, a solution in which we also believe in sustainability.
Don’t worry: you will find all the information you need on this site or by contacting us at Reception.


There are days when you feel weaker than others. Stay calm, but remember to measure your body temperature. If it is above 37.5 C (99.5 F) you need to stay in your room and contact our reception for instructions.

There are also other symptoms to which attention should be paid during this period.
You can find them here: World Health OrganizationMinistero della Salute Italiano

We ask you, if you suffer from it, to contact our reception.


The spirit of 21 Way Of Living is based on experience, sharing, freedom of expression, desire for community. We believe that these values are inherent in the nature of every human being and, in fact, timeless. Our decision to offer a complete service without any compromise in frequency or quality is based on the deep conviction that, if each of us does our part, no activity should stop. If you feel the same way as we do, we ask you to always do your part.

Remember that even if the moment of difficulty is collective, some of our guests may experience this situation very differently from the others. Each one of us is a bearer of a story and personal examples: ask yourself if your daily behavior may cause difficulty or concern in another guest. Our staff shares these values. If we invite you – even on several occasions – to respect the above, it is for everyone’s safety, even those who think about yours every day.


Cucine comuni

Use common kitchens correctly:

  • Pay attention to the maximum capacity (5 on the first floor and 4 on the third) and do not enter if it has already been reached.
  • Clean the surfaces (tables, stoves, appliances) before and after use with the spray solutions present in each room.
  • Always use our dishwashers, we cannot tolerate un-cleaned used pots, dishes, glasses or cutlery and we will fine violators of this rule.
  • Be responsible for your food: label it with your name your date of stay, keep it closed and in the appropriate place (locker, fridge, freezer). We may have to throw away food that is clearly expired or has no owner.


Be responsible for your bosses: touch and wash only what is your property.
We will have to throw away clothes that are abandoned or without an owner.

Every day we come in to sanitize your room, please leave it tidy to facilitate this task.

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