The specialties of our bistrot – Chicken shawarma

7 April 2021

Today the blog smells like spices!

At 21WOL, cooking is at the heart of the experience and we believe that travel also comes through taste.
Ours is a Levantine cuisine, characterized by the flavors of the Mediterranean, artisanal ingredients, and the simplicity of Chef Roy’s dishes.

Levant means “East” in French and is derived from the Latin “levare” to rise or lift.

Levantine cuisine offers a wide variety of legumes and spices and thrives on diversity and creativity. The pioneers were Israeli chefs who combined the traditions of their homeland with Arabic influences.

In addition to the intense spicy aromas of cardamom, zatar, kumin, baharat or sumac, most dishes focus on healthy vegetables and legumes.

But the king of Levantine street food is shawarma, which is consumed in the streets and squares of Middle Eastern cities in the same way we consume pizza.

Chicken shawarma is a unique dish made of meat cooked on a spit and cut into thin slices, to let the fat slowly escape and preserve the flavor.

In the original version, it is served as a take away food, then wrapped in a piadina or pita bread.

The cooking is quite fast, a little slower instead the marinating with spices, but you will realize that it is worth it, when you taste the complete mix with the mixed salad and the flavors of thaini sauce, potatoes and humus.

Chicken shawarma may be the most “Italian” dish you’ll find on our menu, but it remains, along with humus, an iconic symbol of eating in the Middle East.

In 21WOL you can find it in three different versions: with chicken, lamb or vegetarian and, carefully prepared, it preserves all the qualities that make it a rich, delicious and healthy dish, both for meat lovers and vegetarians.

We are waiting for you in Milan, via Noe 24!

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Oggi il blog profuma di spezie!
Hai mai sentito parlare dello Shawarma di pollo?
Vieni a scoprire il king della street food levantina!