A start up reinventing hospitality

21WOL is built on a simple and ambitious idea: reinventing the concept of hospitality with an accommodation facility that captures the emerging trends for flexibility and nomadism connected to private and personal lives. At the same time our proposal meets the growing demand for experiences and it is capable of establishing an authentic community.

Our hybrid hospitality solution welcomes a new community of young professionals, students, and start-ups, alongside traditional tourists. We aim to involve both the guest community and the whole neighbourhood. This is how we turned the traditional hospitality model, widening its everyday customer base and becoming a place to live – in every sense of the word.

Rethinking hospitality: 21WOL combines the dimension of private accommodation all-inclusive with common meeting spaces, coworking services, co-studying, a bistrot and a plan of edutainment unique of its kind.
This is what makes us truly innovative: our clients enjoy a high value-added offer that is sustainable and provide measurable benefit for all the social and entrepreneurial ecosystem that surrounds us.

Our team
Our staff is the key element that enable us to create a distinctive service.
Our team is made up of professionals who work together with passion to offer valuable experiences to our customers.
Whoever joins the team enters a journey of growth and of self-discovery by meeting the community around themselves and our guest cultures.
Every employee of 21WOL can take advantage of all the training events designed for the resident community and feel like a real “host” and an ambassador of our brand and values.


We believe in participation because to host means to offer much more than a temporary…


We believe that our clients must truly feel at home if they are to participate…


We believe that a modern home is a place for pleasant routine as well as…

Experience and authenticity

We believe in making the best use of the resources that are already in our…

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