Work with whoever you want, whenever you want, always in your own way

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More confortable than the office and different from home.

It’s certainly not a question of space – there’s an external courtyard of more than 600 m2 and another 400 m2 of internal living area so you can throw yourself into your project.

For your work and much more

Why not work in an atmosphere completely different from the ‘usual’ co-working? Coming to us, there’s no need for a subscription and you can choose your workstation or change it when you want – desks, offices, sofas or our urban beach are just waiting to give you the right inspiration, and the waiters in our bar and bistro can’t wait to offer you something new for your next break.

Choose the formula co(z)working for you.
Book online and pay at our Reception.


If you have great plans for your day, the Large formula is the one for you. You’ll have a closed office that can host up to 4 people, lunch in our bistro with a dish of your choice from the Menu of the Day, a hot drink and all the water you want. There’s also high speed Wi-Fi, a projector screen and a locker for personal effects. Ideal for people:

– Working in team
– Who like their own office
– Seeking maximum concentration


Co(z)working is sharing! Why work far from home or the office if it means having to be on your own? Our common areas host businesspeople, freelancers, researchers and students so why not seize the chance to network? Move freely in our spaces, meet new people and enjoy the chance to choose between a sofa, a small table outdoors or, why not, a different point of view from our swing. Stimulate your creativity! That’s what ‘floating’ means for us. And when you decide it’s time for a break, we’re here for your lunch – included, obviously, with a dish of choice from the Menu of the Day, coffee and a refill of water for the whole day. The cost? Just €18.
Ideal for people:

– Who want to work freely
– Looking for chances to network
– Who want to discover something new at lunch every day


The simplest and smartest, the best for starting or for people who don’t know how long they want to stay. With just €9 a day, you can choose your floating workstation, connect via fast Wi-Fi and taste our inclusive sweet or savory snacks and hot drink between emails. Ideal for people who:

– Don’t need an office
– Are looking for the most flexible answer and already have a lunch-date.

Happy hour

21 Way Of Living is the right place for you if your working day is dynamic as Co(z)working is also available from 6.00 pm. For just the price of our happy hour you can work at the bar table from that time, discovering our idea of mixology and trying Levantine flavours while doing the last jobs of the day.

Get inspired

21 Way Of Living
21 Way Of Living1 week ago

Raccontare storie attraverso il cibo per esplorare e scoprire anche con il gusto: è questa l'idea del nostro Bistrot.
Abbiamo scritto i nostri menu come avventure dal fascino levantino, basta sfogliarli per iniziare il viaggio.

21wayofliving2 weeks ago
Cosa accomuna il sognatore che lavora con l'immaginazione, il creativo che tira fuori il massimo dai migliori strumenti e il content creator che cerca stimoli per nuove storie? Il bisogno di unire la professionalità di un ufficio con il calore di casa. 🏡 Sedersi nel...
21 Way Of Living
21 Way Of Living2 weeks ago

Creativi e giovani talenti portano la loro energia nella nostra tribuna. Questa settimana due incontri imperdibili e due storie strepitose: Dear Creativity con Sabrina Zanino che incontra Roberto Ricotta e il concerto dei VHSUPERNOVA.
Prenota il tuo posto! ➡️

21wayofliving2 weeks ago
Anche i vestiti hanno storie che si possono condividere, e ne abbiamo viste tantissime sabato nella nostra corte insieme a @terralab_onlus e tutti i partecipanti allo swap party. È quello che ci piace: relazioni, consapevolezza, esperienza!
21wayofliving2 weeks ago
Tutti i giorni creatività e musica abitano i nostri spazi, ma alcuni giorni più di altri... Ad esempio quando @mtvitalia ci regala racconti incredibili in attesa degli #MTVEMA, tra altalene e divani ⚡️
21 Way Of Living
21 Way Of Living4 weeks ago

Novembre inizia con una settimana ricchissima di incontri qui nella nostra tribuna di via Nöe: mercoledì Sabrina Zanino incontra Jane Alexander per il ciclo Dear Creativity, giovedì Fred Fuji live dalla nostra tribuna, venerdì Casa Baggio con Paolo Condò per presentare il viaggio lungo 30...

21wayofliving4 weeks ago
Orgogliosi e onorati ogni giorno di essere partner di @art4sportonlus per i valori che condividiamo, ma che bello aver ospitato il dodicesimo compleanno dell'associazione la settimana scorsa! Ancora auguri 🎂 📸: @augusto280766
21 Way Of Living
21 Way Of Living2 months ago

Sapori mediterranei a pranzo, percorsi levantini a cena. Avete già scoperto il nostro Bistrot? Vi aspettiamo in Via Noe 24, a due passi da Piola.