From Milan to the Levantine tradition

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Italian flavours and Levantine cuisine: chef Roy Sigora from Tel Aviv builds a bridge between Mediterranean tradition and innovation Parts for a new and exciting journey through flavours, traditions and research.

Chef Roy Sigora

Born in Jerusalem in 1984. He established himself at renowned restaurants in Tel Aviv, such as Onza and Claro. He lives for three years in Australia and in 2018 he lands in Milan. His cuisine reflects his curious spirit and passion for travel, in perfect harmony with 21WOL’s philosophy.

Our lunch

Our Bistrot is a true reference point for those who love eclectic cuisine. Our lunch offers you a taste of Levantine traditions and a more familiar route between Mediterranean first and second courses with seasonal products, with new dishes every week. Ideal for business lunches or combined with a day of co(z)working, the break we have designed for you is a real parenthesis dedicated to taste, socialising and relaxing in our outdoor courtyard.

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The Levantine dinner

Our Levantine dinner presents recipes from many modern states such as Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Jordan, Turkey and Greece: Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Jordan, Turkey and Greece.
Falafel, aubergine in yoghurt, hummus and babaganoush are just a selection of the mezze we offer to start, accompanied by main courses such as Manti, a thousand-year-old dumplin recipe filled with beef and lamb, or Freekeh, a roasted and smoked green wheat base accompanied by paprika chicken, 7-spice lamb or aubergine and eggs in mango Ambar sauce.

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Happy hour: every evening with mixology, Levantine specialities, music and talks.

Our outdoor courtyard is a garden in the heart of Milan that comes alive every evening with our Happy hour. While Stuzzichini and Assaggi Levantini will give you a preview of our dinner, our mixology concept will accompany you between classic cocktails and signature drinks in a journey between taste and live events.

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