Do you have any doubts or questions about 21 Way Of Living? Find the answer by consulting our FAQ.

Do you have any doubts or questions about 21 Way Of Living?

What is 21 Way Of Living?

21 Way Of Living is a new concept of hospitality, including Hotel, Coliving, Co(z)working and Bistrot services. The first location is in Milan, via Noe 24, in Città Studi.

What does the hotel service offer?

At 21 Way Of Living you’ll find your ideal room for the stay you want, including access to the gym and all common areas.

Each room features fast WiFi and LAN, Smart TV, full soundproofing, rain shower and a bed designed for the best comfort experience.

In addition to resting, at 21 Way Of Living you’ll find the opportunity to work in our Co(z)working, enjoy the flavors of our Bistro and participate in the plan of events that enliven our facility, including talks and concerts.

How can I book a hotel room?

By booking directly with us you will have access to the best available rate. 

Write directly to or choose your period of stay from the search engine on our site here.

How can I cancel my reservation?

Check the conditions of purchase sent within your reservation and the general conditions for cancellation or read them here.

Are pets allowed?

If you wish to bring your pet with you, let us know before your arrival. Contact us by writing to An extra charge may apply.

Are your rooms cleaned/sanitized?

Our facility is new and applies all current regulations, including anti-Covid regulations.

Both rooms and common areas are sanitized after each use and sanitized.

Do you have rooms suitable for guests with disabilities?

Yes, our structure is fully accessible to customers with disabilities and we have rooms designed for their maximum comfort.

You can always contact us before your stay to anticipate your needs here:

Why are the windows in the rooms closed?

Our rooms have a certified system that ensures the continuous recycling of fresh air during the day and are further ventilated each time they are used.

The system, along with triple glazing and various other technological solutions makes your stay more comfortable and sustainable and helps minimize your impact on the environment.

Does the hotel have a restaurant?

Yes, inside the hotel there is a restaurant, for internal and external guests, where you can have breakfasts, lunches, snacks, aperitifs and dinners.

Our specialty is Levantine cuisine.

How does breakfast work?

Our breakfast is typically continental. You can have it either inside our bistrot or in the outdoor courtyard.

What does the coliving service offer?

21 Way Of Living offers you a private room, single or double, for your long stay in Milan.

The service includes access to our Common Kitchens, Gym, Co(z)working and all indoor and outdoor common areas.

How can I book a co-living room?

Contact us here: or fill out the form Coliving that you can find in the booking section of our site.

How much does a Coliving solution cost?

The rate for our Coliving solutions varies depending on the season and availability. The average price starts from 800€ per month in double room per person and 1150€ per month in single room.

There are conventions and discounts for students, workers and companies. Contact us here to learn more:

What is the Co(z)working service?

The Co(z)working service allows you to work from the common areas of our hotel. You will have access to fast WiFi or LAN connection of your choice. 

With the floating formula, you are free to sit wherever you like. Closed offices and a dedicated meeting room are also available upon request.

In the entrance fee you can choose a formula that includes sweet or savory snacks or lunch at our Bistrot.

How much does the Co(z)working service cost?

Our Co(z)working service starts at €9 per day in a floating location with included sweet or savory snacks from our Bistrot.

How can I make a reservation at your Bistrot?

Write us at or fill out your request at the booking section of this site. 
You can book your lunch, appetizer or dinner with us every day.

How can I join a 21 Way Of Living event?

Follow us on our social media channels or on the website to discover all our events. You can register on our website indicating the event you wish to attend.

How can I host a private corporate event?

Our facility hosts companies for private events. Contact us by writing to: and here.



How can I organize a private event?

Our facility can also accommodate private events. Contact us by writing to: and here.

Get inspired

21wayofliving2 days ago
“Sono Vincenzo e ho appena compiuto 20 anni! Frequento Ingegneria dei Materiali e delle Nanotecnologie al @polimi. Se dovessi descrivermi in una frase direi... curioso, esploratore e fotografo, una passione che coltivo da quando ho 10 anni”. Vincenzo ama la vita universitaria, che si...
21 Way Of Living
21 Way Of Living5 days ago

Mentre continuano i nostri happy hour nella corte, vi segnaliamo per la settimana:

SOCIAL BLUES: martedi alle 19.00.
Questa settimana con Dario Polerani al contrabbasso e Max De Bernardi alla chitarra.
SHOWCASE - MIKO: giovedi alle 20:00
Nello showcase...

21 Way Of Living
21 Way Of Living7 days ago

La nostra corte, ieri sera, per lo Showcase di Lorenzo Fornabaio.
Gli happy hour continuano ogni sera, mentre già martedi torna Social blues, la serata che unisce musica, improvvisazione, mixology e assaggi levantini.
Vi aspettiamo in Via Noe 24, in Città...

21 Way Of Living
21 Way Of Living1 week ago

La corte di 21 Way Of Living si veste, ogni sera, per un nuovo aperitivo. Scopri tutte le attività su
Anche oggi, giovedi 17, dalle 20 con la musica di Lorenzo Fornabaio.

21 Way Of Living
21wayofliving1 week ago
"Sono Daniela, ho 40 anni e qualcosa in più... questo ultimo anno mi ha fatto perdere il conto! Le tre parole che mi descrivono sono: pratica, leggera e concreta. Tutte raccontano un po' della mia filosofia di vita, che si fonda sull'importanza di essere anche...
21 Way Of Living
21 Way Of Living1 week ago

Inizia tra poco una nuova serata Social blues nella nostra corte con gli amici Max De Bernardi & Veronica Sbergia e A-Z Blues.

Vi aspettiamo tra un paio d'ore qui in Via Enrico Noe 24 e - per chi non fosse ancora...

21 Way Of Living
Ogni martedì dall’8 giugno la nostra corte esterna si anima con la serata Social Blues!Il duo resident - Max De Bernardi & Veronica Sbergia – accompagna le n...
21wayofliving2 weeks ago
Siamo nati per ospitare, come venerdì scorso, quando abbiamo lasciato il palco a DADA'! Gaia ha inaugurato il nostro primo Showcase nella corte — accogliendoci, tenendoci per mano, durante il suo viaggio identitario tra contaminazioni pop-elettroniche e la cultura napoletana che la rispecchiano come artista....
21wayofliving2 weeks ago
Dalle serate Social Blues di 21 Way Of Living. Ogni martedi sera la nostra corte esterna si anima con aperitivo e musica dal vivo insieme ad @azblues_italy e @maxandveronicamusic con amici, improvvisazioni, #mixology e sapori levantini. A martedi prossimo! #blues #roots #happyhour #aperitivo #milano