Coliving: a new way of living in Milan

16 March 2021

Moving for study or work to a new city, especially one as large and fast-paced as Milan, presents both challenges and opportunities. For many, the first is choosing their own accommodation. Comfortable, functional, close to one’s points of interest…and in line with one’s dreams and personality.

So… where to start?

A private apartment, a shared house, a student residence or…a coliving?

Together is better

For those who don’t know it yet, here is the formula of 21 Way Of Living. We are situated in the heart of Città Studi, a neighborhood that combines residential tranquility with a population of students, start-ups and professionals that animates it every day. Our idea is simple: offer private solutions without losing the opportunity to make new meetings, experiences and knowledge. In a nutshell, let our guests choose how and where to manage their time and space, ensuring a common platform to socialize and start discovering the city. Let’s start with comfort: with us you are followed by our staff in everything you need to settle into your new home. You don’t need to think about bills, technicians, repairs, condos or looking for new tenants.  You have 24/7 access to the professionalism and services of a hotel and – at the same time – live with a community of other girls and guys from all over the world.

If the moment calls for it, you can always retreat to your own microcosm of quiet and organization: your room. Here you’ll find a king-size bed, a rain shower, a smart TV and more. When you close the door, your private world opens up. However, as soon as you want to try something different, much awaits you in 21 Way Of Living. The kitchens, technological and think to be used together, in total peace and security. Here you have the space to organize your pantry, exchange recipes or simply enjoy a coffee on the terrace with your new roommates. The gym, the outdoor areas, the bistro, the event steps: in short, you just have to start enjoying what’s around you. Just our events are another opportunity: live music, seminars, workshops. The best of the city reaches you directly where you live, with an offer that allows you to discover every week something new directly at your doorstep.

Do you want to find out more? Let Dragana and Yuri guide you in this video or use the Book section of our website to receive your offer.

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21 Way Of Living
21 Way Of Living10 hours ago

Il Sole è tornato a scaldare Milano, il verde sembra star bene su tutto e il weekend è alle porte!
Insomma, cade a pennello questa breve guida ad alcuni semplici percorsi ciclabili da fare in città e in provincia.
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21wayofliving12 hours ago
21WOL PEOPLE "Sono Paula, ho 25 anni e vengo da Valencia, Spagna. Sto seguendo un master in Service Design alla NABA. Ho scelto questa città perchè me ne hanno parlato bene amici che hanno vissuto a Milano o sono a Milano. Inoltre, è abbastanza all'avanguardia...
21 Way Of Living
21 Way Of Living2 days ago

21WOL è anche un palco per giovani talenti che non vedono l’ora di emozionare e farsi ascoltare.

Nell’ultima stagione di eventi, abbiamo avuto il piacere d’ospitare artisti che ci hanno sempre lasciato a bocca aperta e che, ormai, consideriamo amici speciali e...

21wayofliving3 days ago
21 Way Of Living
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"Ciao! Sono Tanya, vengo da Kanpur, India.

Sono in questa fantastica città per frequentare un master in Fashion Styling, Photography and Film all'Istituto Marangoni. Tra gli altri motivi, ho scelto di venire a Milano perchè mi sono...

21wayofliving5 days ago
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21 Way Of Living
21 Way Of Living1 week ago

Oggi il blog profuma di spezie!
Hai mai sentito parlare dello Shawarma di pollo?
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