7 favorite dishes from our bistrot

28 April 2021

From the Mediterranean to Milan.

Our journey into taste can be done comfortably seated at the table of our bistro, surrounded by neighbors who pass by to say hello, by freelancers who work in the co(z)working and the open kitchen, or immersed in the green setting of the outdoor courtyard.

Certainly, there is no lack of choice. We meet everyone’s needs and offer a wide choice of food even for vegans and vegetarians.

All that’s left to do is to get comfortable, take pictures of everything and…enjoy!

  1. Shawarma

The now renowned king of Levantine street food is nothing more than a Palestinian version of kebab, eaten in the squares and streets of the Middle East in the same way we eat pizza. In 21WOL you can find it in three different versions: with chicken, lamb and falafel.

2. Chicken pastilla

Made with spinach, raisins, pine nuts, cherry vinegar, phyllo dough, butter, cinnamon, dark chocolate and pink pepper.

3. Baked Pumpkin Chirshi

The most popular half in the Middle East during the fall, topped with salt-fermented lemons and spicy homemade harissa.

4. Chickpea hummus

The world’s most Middle Eastern dish. Chickpea and thaina cream, eaten as an appetizer, side dish or whole course.

5. Kataifi Cannoli

Composed of kaifi dough filled with homemade yogurt-based cream and superficial addition of honey.

6. Lamb with 7 spices and freekeh

A historic dish with a long preparation time, completed with the addition of a homemade yogurt-based sauce and fresh herbs.

7. Levantine Eggplants

Topped with homemade yogurt sauce, sweet paprika, crispy onions and fresh cherry tomatoes.

Reserve your table here: https://www.21wol.it/mangiare-e-bere/
We’re waiting for you!

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