5 artists we’ve hosted that you should know about

14 April 2021

21WOL is also a stage for young talents who can’t wait to excite and be heard.

In the last season of events, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting artists who have always left us speechless and who, by now, we consider special and long-time friends.

We want to tell you about them, hoping that their magic will touch you too – screen or not.

Virginia Mai


Distinctive traits: a warm and engaging timbre, versatility and curiosity about everything that is “soulful”.

Virginia Mai was born in Milan in 1993 and became passionate about art and music at the age of 11, studying modern singing, piano and stage performance.

She soon discovered a strong interest in jazz and participated in various concerts organized by the Civica.

Moving for a period to London in 2018, she has the opportunity to refine her knowledge and perform in the top clubs of London R’n’B.
Back in Milan, she performs in various clubs of the local scene and works on her first unreleased project.

What made us crazy about Virginia: the sweetness, the grace of the lyrics, the dedication.

Vote: 10/10

Daniela Savoldi


Daniela is an Italian-Brazilian cellist who lives and works in Brescia. The cello has been her faithful companion for a lifetime, but she loves to experiment with genres: klezmer, bossa nova, Indian music, rock, popular and art music. The results of her studies and experimentations are what she calls “sound brushstrokes”. And we, in fact, confirm that what she creates goes far beyond the piece itself; they are real atmospheres and experiences.
In her journey, she and her cello have played with and for: Muse, Le Luci Della Centrale Elettrica, Paola Turci, Dente, Calibro 35, Alessandro Mannarino.

What drove us crazy about Daniela: the depth, the joy, the surrealism.

Vote: 10/10

Nyco Ferrari


Eclectic and direct. Like his notes.

At the age of 19, he moved to London, leaving Crema, without having any idea of what he would have found in such a big metropolis. He thought he was done with music, until he found himself singing again in a jazz club in Soho and realized that he fit in well among notes and people.
Back in Milan, at the Lume he understood that his music really wanted to speak and that he should let it do so.

Nico does jazz. He lives in a jazz song.

What drove us crazy about Nico: the boldness, the rhythm, the lightness.

Vote: 10/10



Giacomo, aka Godot, is one of those people we should all have in our lives.
He messes up when he arrives but not when he leaves.

He lives in the moment but thinks about the future. When he plays he feels like himself and happily thinks back to the teacher who told him long ago that he was an artist.

He travels a lot, in the world and in his thoughts, and he never backs down from new experiences.

He has so much energy that it almost exhausts him and an impressive creativity.
Without his content, the world would be a slightly grayer place.

What drove us crazy about Godot: the spontaneity, the unpredictability, the energy.

Vote: 10/10

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