#21WOLPeople – Pierfilippo

7 April 2021

Are you ready to get to know our community?
Each person who is part of it is special in his own way and makes a little more magical this place that we call home and that, every day, allows us to be amazed by the way life weaves the threads and teaches you not to hold them too tight.
Today we introduce you to Pierfilippo! Happy reading!

“I’m Pierfilippo, I’m 24 years old and I’m from Rome.
I studied aeronautical engineering in three years here in Rome, and then decided to move to Milan for the master’s degree, since the Polytechnic is one of the most important universities in this field (reason why I chose Milan!).

I’ve been in the city a lot by now, but I can finally live it after a year of pandemic and several lockdowns. I expect to have fun and take care of my student duties in the meantime.

Among my various hobbies, there is first of all sport; mainly tennis and gym, but I’m also interested in other things.

I chose 21WOL because it is the solution that today allows me to have the comfort of a home with the perfect contractual flexibility given the historical period we are living.

Regarding the future, it is difficult to say anything now. I don’t know what will happen, but I really hope to stay here in Milan for work!”

Thank you very much, Pierfilippo, and good luck with everything!

Check out our co-living solution here: https://www.21wol.it/soggiornare/

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